Secondhand Serenade - Your Call.

Lesson - Tutorial - How to play - Chords and picking.

I AM torn to do what I have to ".. and not "I was torn".. lol

Tab I use:

You're welcome! :)

Hi. Not perfect but I hope It will help.

Lesson - Tutorial - How to play Simple Man by Lkynyrd Skynyrd and covered by Shinedown.
My tutorial is close to Shinedown version.

Details for picking and strumming will come after because I'm lazy right now.


Lesson - Tutorial - How to play "I will be", an Avril Lavigne song covered by Leona Lewis.

The song is really easy so you can do it !!!! ;) ... but... Impossible for me to sing this one 'cause too high: I need to detune my guitar first or play other chords.


Verses & Chorus: G, Em, Bm, C, D
Bridge: D, Em, C

Strumming pattern:

1. D D D DDU


Lesson - Tutorial - How to play Never Says Never by the Fray.

Ps: Sorry for the (poor) quality of the video: I don't use my usual cam.

CHORDS: (Capo 1)

Verses: G, Dsus4, Em7, Cadd9, D/F#
Chorus: G, Bm, Em, Cadd9
Bridge: Am, Em, D


Lesson - Tutorial - How to play Somewhere in between by Lifehouse.

Actually, when I play and sing the song for real, I use the capo on the 2nd fret (without, it's very hard to sing for me). But the song doesn't need it.

Chords are weird, I can't name them but play like this:

Intro, Verses and chorus: Esus (x79900), Asus (x0990x), C#sus (9x9900), Bsus (7x9900), Bsus (7x9800)
Chorus: Asus2, C#sus (x46600), Bsus (x24400)

Strumming pattern:

1 - D UU / D UUD DU

2 - D UU / D UU DUDU

I show you how to play Poker Face by Lady Gaga and covered by Chris Daughtry.

Well, I don't extactly play like Daughtry but I hope you'll like it.

CHORDS: (Capo 2)

Em7, Cadd9, Dsus2, G (or Em, C, D)


For the verses,

On Em: pick the strings: E, D, G, D, B, G, D, G

On Cadd9: pick: A, D, G, B strings

On D, pick the D, G, B and G strings.

For the other parts of the songs, down strums if you

Lesson. Tutorial. How to play Save me by Shinedown.

CHORDS: (Standard tuning)

Intro & Verses: Bsus, Dsus2, A, G, F#

"A touch of concrete [...] a sound": B5, D5, C#5, B5, Bb5

Chorus: B5, F#5, A5, G5, F#5

Bridge: "Jump in the water...": Bsus, Dsus2, A, G, F#

Outro "Someone save me..": Bsus, F#, A, G, F#


Intro & verses: D DU DDDU

"A touch of concrete": Down strums

Chorus: DUDD UD D DU

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